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Guisborough Christian Fellowship is a registered charity - Charity no. 702049 (Guisborough Christian Centre)

We are a Christian fellowship which operates in Guisborough, East Cleveland and elsewhere for the advancement of the Christian religion, relief of persons in need, hardship and distress, the advancement of education, provision of recreational facilities in the interests of social welfare.

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Potter's Village Child Crisis & Medical Centre, Kisoro, Uganda. Restoring hope to helpless children, it's goal is to save the lives of motherless & abandoned babies and provide high quality medical care for all local children.

Potters Village is a cause close to GCFs heart, our link began quite some time ago with Rosie Brown, the sister of the Chair of our Trustees, Nicky.

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The Guisborough Bridge Association aims to provide life and support in the heart of the Guisborough community. It was set up as a community project by Churches Together in Guisborough and is an independent charity. We aim to respond to local needs with projects for both young and old. Explore the website to see how you might benefit or find opportunities to get involved.

GCF support The Bridge.

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